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About Deirdre Mulhern

Hi there! I'm Deirdre (pronounced DEER-druh), elementary school librarian turned storyteller behind the lens. Just like in the magical world of books, I believe that every family has a unique story waiting to be told, and I'm here to capture those beautiful moments for you.

Why a librarian turned photographer, you ask?

Well, as a librarian, I have spent years surrounded by the joy of storytelling. From the giggles of kindergartners to the awe of tweens discovering a new book series, I've witnessed the power of stories to connect us all. And that's what I bring to my photography – the ability to weave your family's narrative into a visual tale that you can cherish forever.

Capturing Moments, Creating Memories

Life is a series of fleeting moments, and I'm on a mission to capture those instants of joy, laughter, and love. Whether it's the mischievous sparkle in your child's eyes or the quiet tenderness shared between generations, I aim to create timeless images that tell the story of your unique family journey.

More Than Just Photos

Beyond snapping pictures, I'm here to create an experience. A session with me is like a playdate – relaxed, fun, and filled with genuine moments. I strive to make everyone feel comfortable, ensuring that the real essence of your family shines through in every photograph.

Let's Tell Your Story Together

So, whether you're a family of three, a bustling clan, or anything in between, I'm here to help you tell your story. Let's turn the chapters of your life into a visual masterpiece – a collection of memories you can hold close, just like a cherished storybook you can look back on for years to come.

Ready to embark on this photographic journey together? Let's connect and start capturing the magic of your family's story

Deirdre Mulhern