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Lower Merion Photo Session: Garden Headshots

Since starting this Main Line photography business, I have had the opportunity to meet so many friendly and interesting people in the Philadelphia area. Before the rain arrived on a cloudy Saturday evening in May, I recently had the pleasure of photographing Carolyn Vachani, a remarkable small business owner who has turned her lifelong passion for gardening into a thriving business, Plant 4 Good. Carolyn’s journey is truly inspiring. It was a joy to capture her spirit through my lens during our Lower Merion photo session.

Woman sits in Lower Merion garden for photo session headshots

Plant 4 Good

Carolyn’s background is as diverse as it is impressive. With a long career in oncology nursing and patient education, she has always been dedicated to helping others. During the Covid pandemic, Carolyn found solace and relief from stress in her garden. This personal discovery led her to study the subject of therapeutic horticulture. Therapeutic horticulture is a discipline that uses plants and nature to foster physical and mental well-being.

Determined to share the benefits she experienced, Carolyn pursued formal education in the field. She completed a Certificate in Therapeutic Horticulture from the North Carolina Botanical Garden. Additionally, she also earned a Garden and Landscape Certificate of Mastery from North Carolina State University. With these credentials, she founded Plant 4 Good. Plant 4 Good is a business dedicated to providing therapeutic horticulture programs and education.

Woman poses with yellow flowers
Woman poses with green plants for headshots

Photo Session in Lower Merion Garden

Carolyn invited me to her home garden which was recently featured in a local garden tour. This garden was stunning! Colorful flowers and plants were everywhere along with raised beds for produce. During our photo session in Lower Merion, it was clear how passionate Carolyn is about her work. Her enthusiasm for plants and their healing properties radiated in every shot. While shooting, I asked her so many plant related questions. She had advice and knowledge to share for each one! I’m feeling inspired to take a second look at my own garden and to see what’s possible. 

Regardless, if you are an inexperienced gardener like me or already possess a green thumb, you should check out Plant 4 Good and see all that Carolyn has to offer. Carolyn presents a variety of programs designed to create an environment where participants can explore the therapeutic benefits of gardening. These programs are guided by Carolyn’s expertise as a therapeutic horticulture practitioner. She ensures that each participant receives personalized and beneficial experiences.

The headshots we took aimed to reflect Carolyn’s dedication and the serene, calming influence of her work. Whether she’s leading a workshop or tending to her own garden, Carolyn embodies the harmony and healing that plants can bring into our lives. Her genuine smile and warm presence made the session a joy, and I believe we captured the true spirit of her mission with Plant 4 Good.

Family poses in garden for family photo session in Lower Merion, PA

In-Home Family Photos

While I was visiting her home garden for her Lower Merion photo session, I also got to meet and photograph Carolyn’s husband and two sons. Despite the cloudy weather and the looming threat of rain, we were able to get some sweet shots in addition to Carolyn’s headshots. As you know, I adore photographing families and try to capture each family’s unique spirit. I even got to meet the family’s two pups! As a generous gesture at the end of our session, Carolyn gave me my very own tomato plant to take home, which I’m doing my best to nurture. As of this writing, my little plant is doing well!

Couple poses in Lower Merion Garden during family photo session
Mother and sons pose during family photo session in Lower Merion, PA

If you’re looking to experience the profound benefits of therapeutic horticulture, I highly recommend reaching out to Carolyn and Plant 4 Good. Her workshops and programs are not just about gardening; they are about cultivating wellness and joy through nature.

If you are looking to book natural light headshots, photos for a business endeavor, or any other Main Line or Lower Merion photo session, please use the contact form here. To learn more about Carolyn’s business, Plant 4 Good, click here. To see more examples of my work, click here.

family stands in front of garden in Lower Merion

May 18, 2024

Deirdre Mulhern